Simple, beautiful calculator.

There are a lot of versatile calculators in the world. But... we don't need most of their features. I want a more simple, more elegant calculator.


Elegant Interface.


  • Calculation History
  • Display
  • Pasteboard

Sparkle with your favorite color.

Choose two colors. Llumino blends them and sparkles with your favorite color.



Supported DevicesiPhone
OSiOS 6.0 or later
Number of histories100
Effects6 types
MiscFav of results, Pasteboard integration, Theme creating
FeelingPriceless ;)


Thank you for your great review.

Beautiful Pixels

Llumino Lets You Feel Calculations with Elegant Animations

I’d been happily using Calcbot until Rechner came along, but then I was completely blown away by Llumino.
Cult of Mac

Llumino, The Most Beautiful Calculator App You Have Ever Seen

Llumino will probably win the award for the best-looking calculator app in the App Store,

Llumino's Stylish Features Add Up To A One-Of-A-Kind Calculator App

Llumino boasts a really stylish interface that’s enhanced with transitions and animations.

iMore Editors' Choice: Magicka, Pokémon TV, Llumino, and more

This gorgeous piece of software is basic calculator with style.


Llumino is colorful, customizable and a pleasure to use.